Bowties and Blazers Brothers Brunch

I got a call from Men's Warehouse today

I got a call from Men's Warehouse today. They said they received my proposal and that they wanted to help with The Brothers Brunch. The manager asked if I could get there before 9... I said yes. I show up and the Manager shakes my hand with a huge smile and says Thank You. I look and say... "no... Thank You". He says we have a bit of a treasure chest in here for you as he motions for me to join him behind the counter. I walk around and get on one knee with another associate and I'm completely blown away. They presented me with brand new ties, socks, lapel pins, custom bags... you name it. I'm completely blown away. God is so awesome. When God put this in my spirit I just said yes. I didn't question it. I knew food would be expensive and that buying Christmas Gifts for 35 men was aggressive but that I would be obedient. Even if I had to spend my own money... we would do this. My friends will tell you that I've individually asked them all to support. Then this happens. I'm literally overwhelmed. You don't understand... I went into Men's Warehouse thinking... this is a stretch but I will ask anyway. A week later... boom. Its all God. I'm so grateful. #ProposalSkillsComeInHandy